Other Services

Moisture Control

Excessive moisture can be extremely damaging to your home. A free inspection courtesy of Best Exterminating can help you protect your investment in your home. Our moisture services include:

  • Polyethylene moisture barriers
  • Temp-Vent automatic foundation ventilators
  • Tim-bor and Bora-Care treatments
  • Replacement of batted insulation

Real Estate Inspection Reports

If you are selling or purchasing a home you may be required to provide a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report. Whether you are a real estate professional or a homeowner you can expect a fast, professional and accurate inspection.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report

You may be required to provide a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report upon the sale of your home. You can depend on our inspectors to offer accurate findings and deliver the required report quickly and efficiently.

While typically referred to as a “termite inspection,” these inspections actually include any evidence of not only termites but carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, old house borers, and in some areas, excessive moisture conditions. For most properties our fee for the inspection and necessary report is only $150.00.

Not Buying or Selling?

Your home should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure termites or other pests are not present. A comprehensive evaluation is free – contact Best Exterminating to schedule your home pest inspection today.