Bed Bug Inspection & Extermination

Once thought to be virtually eliminated as a pest in the United States, bed bugs have recently made a big comeback and are quickly spreading throughout Central Virginia and across the country.

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Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals, often when their hosts are sleeping.
  • Bed bugs can go for extended periods of time without eating, often skipping meals for weeks at a time.
  • As hitch-hikers, bed bugs require humans to travel from place to place (but it is very possible to bring them home without noticing an infestation for weeks or months).
  • Frequent travel increases the risk of bringing bed bugs home.
  • Adult bed bugs are approximately ¼ inch long and about 3/16 inch wide.
  • Bed bug control is not a job for the inexperienced, being time and labor intensive, as well as requiring the specialized knowledge of a trained pest control professional.
Bed Bugs on a Mattress

Bed Bugs on a Mattress

Why choose BEST Exterminating Services, Inc. for bed bug extermination?

  • Residential and Commercial bed bug services available
  • Experienced, specially trained technicians
  • Mattress covers installed during treatment if necessary
  • Team approach maximizes effectiveness
  • Automatic follow-up service
  • Detailed assistance and help with preparation

Get a good night’s sleep again!

Specialized, highly trained crews are available to treat residential and commercial properties for bed bugs. Our team approach means that we’ll get the job done right the first time. During bed bug treatments, BEST Exterminating Services, Inc. uses the latest technology, including bite-proof mattress encasements, pest vacuums and more.

Residential and Commercial Treatments

BEST Exterminating Services, Inc.  offers curative bed bug treatments for residential clients looking to rid their home of bed bugs. For our commercial clients, BEST Exterminating Services, Inc. a preventative, proactive service that includes inspection and documentation by certified commercial property inspectors. If you own an apartment community or hotel, our bed bug program will help your business maintain a reputation for cleanliness and safety.

Get rid of the painful bites and continuing frustration that bed bugs can cause.  Contact BEST Exterminating Services, Inc. today for effective bed bug extermination.

Bed bug life cycle

Bed bug life cycle