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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

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Despite being a major nuisance, mosquitoes may be one of the most harmful insects in the world. They are capable of carrying and transmitting hundreds of dangerous diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, Zika Virus and various forms of encephalitis. Also, they are carriers of various worms, including heart worms, and parasites that cause elephantiasis. Mosquitoes are drawn to any areas where there is standing water since that is there breeding grounds and where they lay there eggs, so if you have any areas near your home mosquitoes can quickly take over your property leaving you and your family at risk for illnesses as well as ruin your enjoyment of being outside.

With our Mosquito Control Program we can help stop their ability to spread these diseases, as well as help you and your family regain your enjoyment of being able to spend time out in the yard.

Our technicians will come out and do a FREE assessment of the property and give you an estimate to start as well as a plan that is suited best for you. Once they come out to do the treatment they will apply products with a power mister to any harboring areas for mosquitoes such as trees, shrubs, around watered areas and under decks. These products kill existing adult mosquitoes as well as leave a residue that continues to kill mosquitoes as they come in contact with it.