Roach Control

Best Exterminating can rid your home or business of roaches in a quick & effective manner.  There are many species of roaches , but the most common are the German Cockroach and the American Cockroach.

We offer both commercial and residential services to control and eliminate roach infestations, whether it is in a house or in a restaurant we can help.  Call (540) 635-8930  or email us today at to set up an appointment.

Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted household pests. They feed on human and pet food, and can leave an offensive odor. Birdfeeders can often give mice an open invitation to come into your home as the weather gets colder.  They can also transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans.  Cockroaches have also been shown to be linked with allergic reactions in humans. One of the proteins that triggers allergic reactions has been found to be linked with cases of asthma.