Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Winchester and Front Royal Virginia

Best Exterminating offers both residential & commercial rodent control services, and can help you eliminate rodents from your home or place of business.  Prevention is the best practice, but if the little critters have already invaded, give us a call (540) 635-8930 or send us an email ( and we will help to eliminate them for you.

Seal, raise, cleanup, discard and store could be a mantra for mouse prevention. Seal utility entrances and attic vents with metal flashing or heavy mesh and install door sweeps and thresholds. Raise woodpiles off the ground one foot and move them away from the house at least six feet. Wrap outdoor pet cage legs with sheet metal if mice have been climbing them. Do not allow leaf and yard debris to accumulate. Move compost piles well away from the house and keep weeds and brush cutback from the home’s foundation. Recycle all clutter that could make a nice mouse condo, especially straw and paper. Store pet food, indoors or out, in metal or hard plastic containers that resist gnawing. Maybe the hardest one, but stop feeding the birds and squirrels as mice will scavenge the spilled seeds and see them as an invitation to come inside for a buffet.