Silverfish or Firebrats:

A full grown silverfish or firebrat is about ¼-½ inch long. Both insects lack wings and have carrot-shaped bodies, thick at the front and tapering towards the posterior. The young look identical to the adults, but are smaller. Silverfish and firebrats have two long antennae on their heads and three tail-like appendages on the tips of their abdomens. The five appendages are approximately as long as the body. Silverfish have uniformly colored silver bodies while firebrats have mottled gray-brown colored bodies. Both insects can move very fast when disturbed and homeowners often mistake them for cockroaches.

Silverfish and firebrats can be accidentally brought into buildings with boxes of materials that have been stored in infested areas. They can also move indoors from the outside. Once inside structures, they move quickly through buildings in search for food. When they find a source, they will generally stay close to it.

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